Origin of the Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs Traditions


Have you ever wondered about the origin of the famous Easter Bunny and Easter eggs traditions? Easter is one of those times during the year when families get together to celebrate a major religious event and/or the visitation of the Easter Bunny and his basket full of chocolate and colored eggs. While this is the… Read more »

Scrapbooking Easter Sayings For Wish Cards


Here is a nice collection of Easter sayings for your wish cards and scrapbooking hobby. Have your pick and fill your cards and/or scrap book with these nice Easter sayings and poems. Ask, and it shall be given you seek, and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you For every on… Read more »

Happy Easter Sayings


Happy Easter! Have your pick among those Happy Easter sayings which you can use to wish your dearest ones this Easter. I tried to compile a small list based on different tone, belief and circumstances. If you wish to add other Happy Easter sayings to this list, feel free to leave a comment further below…. Read more »

Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs Sayings


Here is a compilation of some nice Easter Bunny sayings and Easter Eggs related sayings to boost the funny and creative side to your Easter wishes. So where’s the egg? Can you find the one hidden on this website? Try it out while you are reading this post.

Inspirational Easter Sayings


Fill your mind with some inspiration with these very inspirational Easter sayings. Whether you are just having a read or you are looking to inspire someone for this Easter, feel free to scan through the list and have your pick. Remember, being inspired is a natural power which can help you to achieve a lot.

Funny And Hilarious Easter Sayings


Collected here are some funny and humorous Easter Sayings and Quotes which you can use to wish your friends and relatives for this Easter. Make someone laugh this Easter and you’ll feel better for yourself. Have your pick among these funny Easter sayings.

Biblical and Religious Easter Sayings


Collected here are all famous Biblical and religious Easter sayings which you can use to wish your relatives and friends this year. Easter is before all, the resurrection of Christ. So let’s keep aside the Easter bunnies and eggs for a while while we enjoy and meditate upon these christian Easter sayings.